Active Rehabilitation (See Costs)

At Kinesitherapy, your safe recovery following an injury is important to us. Your trainer will provide you with an effective and individualized exercise rehabilitation program to help you transition from treatment (physiotherapy, chiropractic and massage therapy) to your recreational activities or return to work quickly and safely without injuring yourself further.


A Registered Kinesiologist will conduct a comprehensive assessment and design an individualized exercise program that carefully considers your current injury, past medical history and functional outcomes to help you achieve your goals. Based on your injury, you will complete either a level 1  or level 2 active rehab program. All  Level 1 rehab program take place within a physiotherapy private clinic-gym environment, the program focuses on regaining full range of motion, followed by improving and or correcting neural-muscular patterning to build both endurance and strength back into the affected area of injury.  Level 2 is  graduated  program take place at Momentum Fitness Gym, this program is designed to safely take reintegrate your injury or illness back into a full body -fully functioning fitness program. The graduated Level 2 program is designed to safely reintegrate you back into a full functioning fitness program.

Components of the Active Rehab Program

Level 1 – active rehabilitation program offered at Salus Physiotherapy

Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

  • A comprehensive initial assessment is completed at your first visit. Your Kinesiologist considers your past medical and health history, overall fitness level and any functional limitations that you may be experiencing at the present time.
  • Treatment goals will be established at the first visit. An individualized exercise program will be developed to help you reach your optimal level of function.
  • A reassessment is conducted midway through the program.
  • Upon completing the program, a final assessment and report is provided. A home exercise program will be implemented to further help maintain your function and gains achieved independently.

An individualized training approach

  • Sessions are conducted one-on-one with your kinesiologist in a private studio.
  • Each training session is 1 hour in length, incorporating core stabilization, posture correction, strengthening exercises, balance work, proprioception training and cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Unique training approaches are incorporated throughout the sessions, utilizing elements of yoga, Pilates, BOSU, balance balls, bands and functional movement patterns.

Level 2 - Graduated active rehab program offered at Momentum Fitness

Focus on reintegration

  • The graduated rehab program provides an opportunity to further your strength and fitness gains in a dynamic fitness studio setting.
  • Sessions are 1 hour in length.
  • An individualized fitness program is developed by your trainer who works closely with your healthcare professionals in order to minimize potential for injury and maximize your function.

Is active rehab right for me?

Some of the reasons clients seek active rehab are the following:

  • Recent and chronic low back pain
  • Poor posture and body alignment
  • Chronic soft tissue injuries
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Physical return to work requirements

We welcome anyone interested in beginning an active rehab program to contact us to book an initial appointment.

A referral by your health care provider (physician, physiotherapist, registered massage therapist) or insurance adjuster are accepted as well.

We accept ICBC and Disability Claims. Check with your individual extended health health care provider as some plans cover Kinesiology under Paramedical Health.

Introductory Active Rehab Exercise Program
1 Health Assessment 4 Training Sessions 1 Training Program.

Cost: $540.00

Active Rehab 10 sessions — 60 Min
Treat muscular skeletal injuries with exercise prescription.

Cost: $900.00

Active Rehab Exercise Program
Take home copy - Personalized Exercise Training Program to help you improve muscluar skeletal function in your body.

Cost: $90.00



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